vFormity Sports

Mobile Sports Equipment Tracking Software

Gone are the days of scribbling down inventory and player assignments on notepads, napkins, and spreadsheets. vFormity Sport—an Athletic Equipment Tracking Software—ensures you never lose sight of who has what with the ability to assign equipment to players or personnel in a matter of seconds—simply tag, scan, and track.

The vFormity Athletic Equipment Tracking Solution is one of the only systems built to support the upcoming NOCSAE RFID initiative regarding the tracking and reporting of football helmets.

Key Features

  • Requires only your mobile device and WiFi/carrier connection
  • Centralized database to log and update your inventory in real-time
  • Choose the technology best suited for your needs: QR Codes, RFID tags, or NFC tags
  • Auditable tracking of equipment lifecycle, including recertification and retirement dates
  • Real-time system updates to view, manage, and add to inventory whenever you need it
  • Ability to import as much or as little equipment detail as you want
  • Eliminate the chaos of Fitting Day by assigning equipment to players
  • Ensure players return originally-assigned equipment at the end of each season
  • Includes a Point of Purchase feature for those who wish to purchase equipment at end of season
  • Increase communication with email & text alerts to staff, parents, and/or players
  • Generate customized reports of inventoried items, player equipment history, etc.
  • A roster of 100 typically completes this entire process in as little as 20 minutes
  • And MUCH more!

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