What We Do

vFormity is an award-winning software company dedicated to helping all industries reverse error-prone, archaic inventory methods with cutting-edge and easy-to-use mobile solutions.

The Story of vFormity

The Beginning

Steve Kirin, a former athlete-turned-coach, founded a youth sports organization, the Darien Swarm, in his hometown. The organization quickly grew within a few short years to include football, soccer, cheerleading, baseball, and softball—and so did the chaos.

The Fly By

Year after year, Steve and his wife would be overwhelmed at the end of each season with pieces of equipment from various sports scattered across their front lawn. The two would be working for hours sorting equipment by type, color, size, and sport, only to hear the roar of an engine from down the street and a simultaneous THUMP of yet another piece of unmarked equipment hitting the lawn. They would be lucky to get a glimpse of the getaway car to determine who the “masked man” was delivering the equipment.

While he kept track of what he could on an Excel spreadsheet, Steve knew there had to be a better way—an easier way—to eliminate the chaos and focus on what he did best: coaching.


vFormity was founded in 2015 by a former athlete (Carm) and a former athlete-turned-coach (Steve) who share the simple philosophy that you should not have to be Sherlock Holmes to manage your team’s equipment.


CoFounders & Friends

Through mutual friends, Carm and Steve met and quickly bonded over shared horror stories and laughs regarding their experiences in managing equipment and the dreaded “Fitting Day” for youth football organizations.

Carm’s father had previously coached and managed Pop Warner teams in Youngstown, Ohio during the early to mid-60’s. As Steve recounted his similar trials and tribulations with the youth program he founded and managed, Carm was stunned that nothing had changed in nearly 50 years!

Steve and Carm both agreed that you could never quite forget the smell of the equipment shed when it opened each season. The “fun” really kicked in when you had to get in there and sort each piece of equipment by type, color, and size. Inventory numbers would often be scattered on notebooks or napkins from the year before—which, of course, could ironically never be found in time to compare numbers. Each year, though, it seemed less helmets, shoulder pads, and jerseys would be in the shed at the start of each season.

As the two continued to share stories and compare notes, it became clear that a solution was desperately needed for youth coaches everywhere—and for their wives, too!

True entrepreneurial spirits, it did not take long for Carm and Steve to develop a business plan, secure investment dollars, and begin development. In just one short year, the two hit the ground running with beta youth football teams throughout Chicagoland, empowering coaches and equipment managers with a year-to-year, mobile, user-friendly solution that anyone from volunteers to staff can use to effectively track equipment.

Thus, vFormity was born.

Carmen Parisi
Co-Founder & President

Entrepreneur & Sales Genius

20+ years as a C-Level Executive in the high-tech industry

3 successful stints launching start up companies

Key contributor to the Mergers & Acquisition Team

Steven Kirin
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Founded a youth sports organization (Darien Swarm) in his hometown, including football, cheerleading, baseball, soccer, and softball

Experience building the Darien Swarm set the foundation for the creation of vFormity

Pursued & thrived in multiple high-level executive positions in the international airline, biometric security, housing, music, and software industries

30+ years as a seasoned musician