vFormity Moving & Storage

Mobile Asset Tracking Software

vFormity Moving & Storage is a one-of-a-kind asset tracking software designed to help both consumers and nationwide moving companies ease the chaos of transporting household items across the country. Whether you are a realtor who routinely stages homes, or a moving company looking for a better way to track consumer valuables, vFormity has you covered.

Using vFormity Moving & Storage, each asset is assigned a unique ID. This unique ID empowers your driver(s) to assign items to a lot number, as well as check in/out assets, to ensure you never lose track of items. By equipping each asset with a unique ID, you automatically receive an auditable, time-stamped history of assets, as well as each assigned truck, lot, or driver.

Key Features

  • Eliminate manual data captures and errors
  • Requires only your mobile device and WiFi/carrier connection
  • Track all valuable assets using your mobile phone or tablet
  • Ability to assign lot numbers with ease
  • Real-time system updates to view, manage, and add to inventory whenever you need it
  • Reduce insurance claims with an auditable history of each item and assigned truck/lot/driver
  • Increase communication with email & text alerts
  • And MUCH more!

vFormity Moving & Storage ROI Calculator

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