vFormity IT

Mobile IT Asset Tracking Software

vFormity IT’s innovative asset tracking software serves your entire school or organization by efficiently tracking all vital resources—regardless of role, equipment, size, or location. Simply tag, scan, and track.

Using vFormity IT, each asset is assigned a unique ID. This unique ID empowers you to check in/out assets to students, homerooms, and/or charging stations to ensure you never lose track of your items. By equipping each asset with a unique ID, you automatically receive an auditable, time-stamped history of your assets, as well as each assigned student or staff member.

Key Features

  • Eliminate manual data captures and errors
  • Requires only your mobile device and WiFi/carrier connection
  • Track all valuable assets using your mobile phone or tablet
  • Ability to read/capture manufacturer bar codes instantly
  • Integrates with other easy-to-use technology, such as QR codes, RFID, NFC, Bar codes & Injection Molds
  • Real-time system updates to view, manage, and add to inventory whenever you need it
  • Assign equipment to students and staff using simple check in/out feature
  • Auditable trail of all equipment and student/staff history
  • Minimize overstock and lost equipment costs (a true ROI!)
  • Easy-to-use for the ongoing and next generation of admins/volunteers
  • Identical PC version of mobile app also available
  • Can be fully integrated with vFormity Sports for use by an entire school/organization
  • Increase communication with email & text alerts
  • And MUCH more!

vFormity IT ROI Calculator

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