Spiritwear Tracking & Sales

Beyond athletic equipment tracking software, vFormity offers a user-friendly Spiritwear App to efficiently tag, track, and sell your team or organization’s spiritwear items.

Key Features:

  • Requires only your mobile device and Wifi/carrier connection
  • Ideal for teams of all sizes, no matter if you plan to sell t-shirts or a full wardrobe
  • Intelligently tag spiritwear using QR code or RFID tag technology
  • Organize your inventory down to the details important to you
  • Real-time system updates to view, manage, and add to inventory whenever you need it
  • Process spiritwear transactions using Square
  • Increase communication using email and text alerts when inventory is low or re-stocked
  • And much more

Did you know? vFormity’s Spiritwear and Athletic Equipment Tracking Apps are recognized as the premiere tracking and inventory management software for Excite Fundraising’s spiritwear and consignment line of products. Learn more here.

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